Custom views

This page will be extended with examples and more info soon. Until then, if you have questions, please join the chat on Discord: (opens in a new tab)

Custom views

The Schedule-X calendar can be extended endlessly. You are not limited to using the default views offered by this library; you can create your own views and plug them into the calendar. Currently, you can only build a custom view using Preact, the virtual DOM library used by Schedule-X, but the plan is to extend this to enable building custom views in React and Vue.

Building a custom view with Preact

First of all, you do not need to download Preact on top of Schedule-X. When you downloaded Schedule-X, you already received Preact as a peer dependency.

You create a custom view by calling the createPreactView function from the @schedule-x/calendar package. This function takes a single argument, a ViewConfig object which is for now only documented here: (opens in a new tab)

For an example of how a view is put together, you can look at the source code of the default views in the @schedule-x/calendar package, for example: (opens in a new tab)